Robin Williams – A Tragic Loss to This Disease

As have most of you, I have been thinking a lot about the tragic death of Robin Williams since I heard the news yesterday. It is a tragedy to lose such a genius to this insidious disease. It is a tragedy to lose anyone to this disease. A list of friends and patients who have lost the battle over the years runs through my head. Each of them was so loved by those who knew them, but that wasn’t enough.

I had the opportunity to see Robin on two occasions. The first time, he was doing the bike stage of the San Diego Triathlon. The second time, my wife and I saw him in concert in Memphis. Both of us got cramps in our face from laughing so hard. But you could see the depression in his eyes if you looked hard enough.

If you are dealing with depression, please, please, seek help. We are fighting a deadly disease. Please know that you are loved and that help is available.

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  1. I feel as tho i know Robin Williams ,s pain . I feel that pain and have many Health issues an spouse problems . I cant stand to be ordered around or screamed at. He doesnt act this way toward nobody but my son an me. I cant take nomore. Im not famous or actor or anyone special, i just want him to quit doing me this way. Depressed!!

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