Episode 9: Dr. Jacqueline Simon Gunn on Running, Psychotherapy, and Spirituality

On today’s episode, I will be talking to Dr. Jacqueline Gunn, a psychologist practicing in New York City. Dr. Gunn and I first got to know each other on the Facebook site. She wrote to let me know that she also used running in some of her treatment and was a long time runner herself. We began to talk about how running is used in therapy and the discussion turned to the spiritual effects of this discipline and how that begins to change a person in their quest to deal with psychological issues.   So, that’s the topic that we will be addressing, even though we’ll get into some other things as well.

Dr. Gunn, as well as being in private practice, is a published author. Her books include In the Therapist’s Chair and Bare: Psychotherapy Stripped.

Dr. Gunn can be reached at her Facebook site, Jacqueline Simon Gunn, and her books can be seen at Amazon.com.



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