Episode 19: An Interview with Suzy Favor Hamilton

I am very pleased to present this episode’s interview with three time Olympic middle distance runner Suzy Favor Hamilton. Suzy was at the top of her game having competed at three Olympic games when her undiagnosed bipolar disorder became highly symptomatic. In her manic phase, she became involved in more risky behavior most evident in her sexual actions. From Olympian to a high end Las Vegas escort. Suzy is incredibly open about her bipolar disorder and it’s manifestations.

Her goal in being so authentic is to bring awareness to the public about bipolar disorder, it’s manifestations, and it’s treatment. She now is an advocate along with her husband and daughter in this endeavor.

Rarely have I found someone who has been as brave as Suzy.

You can find her on Facebook at Suzy Favor Hamilton.


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1 Response to Episode 19: An Interview with Suzy Favor Hamilton

  1. I just bought her book! Starting it tonight.

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