Episode 23: Dr. Doug Lisle Discusses Self-esteem and Nutrition in the Treatment of Mental Health Issues

I first heard Dr. Doug Lisle speak several years ago at a Forks Over Knives conference in Atlanta. A clinical psychologist practicing in California, Dr. Lisle has been at the forefront of developing a clear understanding of how self-esteem works. He is also very involved in the health effects of eating a plant-based diet. In today’s interview, we discuss both of these very important topics as they relate to mental health issues.

Dr. Lisle can be contacted through his website, esteemdynamics.org. He is also the author of a great book entitled The Pleasure Trap. In this book, he discusses the addictive nature of specific substances that we find commonly included in our Western diet.


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Episode 22: Defeat the Stigma Project’s Run Across Wisconsin

My good friend, Julio Salazar, and two of his good friends will be running across Wisconsin to raise awareness of the need to defeat the stigma of mental health issues. I have significant pride in counting Julio as one of my friends. He works tirelessly to bring awareness to the problems faced by people with mental illness in their attempt to seek help and be accepted in our society. Last year, Julio completed a similar run across Minnesota. In the podcast today, we discuss the stigmatizing of mental health issues, out personal stories, and the upcoming run.

Information on the run can be found at http://www.defeatthestigmaproject.org.

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Episode 21: Dealing with Depression as a Runner, an Interview with Steve Runner

For many years, one of my favorite podcasts has been Phedippidations. The host, Steve Runner (Walker) is our guest today. Steve has been a runner for many years and his podcast covers thoughts about the philosophy and psychology of running, how running effects relationships, and various other musings. I liken Steve to today’s George Sheehan.

Steve suffers from depression. It was a late onset depression that he has had to learn to deal with as an active runner. In today’s episode, Steve opens up about what depression has been like for him and the multiple ways he is changing his life to help his recovery.

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Episode 20: An Interview with Karl Hoppner

My friend, Julio Salazar, first made my aware of Karl Hoppner as someone that I would want to interview. Karl lives in Ottawa, Canada. As a former cyclist in Canada and Belgium during his adolescence, depression and anxiety began to control his life.   Using alcohol and drugs to help him cope took him further down the rabbit hole with depression. After listening to a podcast interview of Rich Roll, a notable endurance athlete who dealt with his addiction and poor health with exercise and eating a plant based diet, Karl decided to give it a try. He had some phenomenal results. I think you will really appreciate Karl’s story.


Karl can be contacted by email at karl_hoppner@hotmail.com


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Episode 19: An Interview with Suzy Favor Hamilton

I am very pleased to present this episode’s interview with three time Olympic middle distance runner Suzy Favor Hamilton. Suzy was at the top of her game having competed at three Olympic games when her undiagnosed bipolar disorder became highly symptomatic. In her manic phase, she became involved in more risky behavior most evident in her sexual actions. From Olympian to a high end Las Vegas escort. Suzy is incredibly open about her bipolar disorder and it’s manifestations.

Her goal in being so authentic is to bring awareness to the public about bipolar disorder, it’s manifestations, and it’s treatment. She now is an advocate along with her husband and daughter in this endeavor.

Rarely have I found someone who has been as brave as Suzy.

You can find her on Facebook at Suzy Favor Hamilton.


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Episode 18: An Interview with Adam Sud

In this episode, Julio and I interview Adam Sud, son of one of Whole Foods founders.  Adam is a recovering addict.  We hear about Adam’s fast drop in to drug abuse during high school while moving from using Adderall as prescribed for his ADHD to full addiction to the drug.  He also discusses his addiction to food.  Adam’s recovery began in a traditional treatment program, but what captured him was his medical diagnosis of Type II Diabetes and his commitment to treat this with a whole foods plant based diet. He lost over 100 pounds and became sober from addictive substances.  We discuss his ideas about the treatment of addictive disorders from a wholistic perspective and the push back that he has experienced from traditional treatment.

Adam can be contacted at adasud@gmail.com


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Episode 17: An Interview with Breanna Cornell

Anyone who follows ultrarunning is probably hearing talk about an up and coming runner named Breanna Cornell. She recently completed the Badwater Ultra becoming the youngest female to have ever completed one on the most grueling courses on the planet. In today’s interview, Breanna discusses her history with running and rowing, but more importantly, she opens up about her struggle with an eating disorder. With great candor and authenticity, she talks about her history with this and how she deals with it on a daily basis.

Breanna is open to talking to anyone who is currently struggling with an eating disorder and can be reached on her Facebook page under Breanna Kay Cornell.


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Episode 16: An Interview with Charlie Engle

Most of you probably know who Charlie Engle is already. His legendary runs have been documented in films like Running the Sahara. Charlie is in recovery from chemical dependency. In today’s episode, we spend time discussed his addiction and tracing it’s path, but more importantly, we discuss his ideas on how our compulsive personalities can be used for good.

I think you will find Charlie delightful and thought provoking. He is more than willing to be in contact with anyone who would like to discuss your own issues. He can be contacted at engle.charlie@gmail.com or on his Facebook page.


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Episode 15: Julio Salazar’s Run Across Minnesota

As our first return guest, Julio Salazar talks about his upcoming run across the state of Minnesota. Julio’s project, Break the Stigma, addresses the issue of persons being afraid to be open about their mental health issues. He promotes openness and authenticity both in his own life and for each person who struggles with these issues.

Julio can be followed on his trek on breakthestigmarun.com.


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Episode 14: An Interview with Jeff Galloway

I am not personally aware of anyone who has coached more runners than Jeff Galloway. Over 300,000 in his career. Best known for being a proponent of the run-walk-run method, Jeff is also one of the most knowledgeable professionals on the psychological aspects of running.

In today’s episode, we discuss his history, how running effects mental health, and how mental training can help with performance. Jeff is a delightful and caring person. I know you will enjoy the interview.

Jeff can be reached at jeffgalloway.com. Also, Jeff references the work of Dr. John Ratey, a book entitled Spark which I also recommend for everyone’s reading list.


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