I won a trophy last weekend.  I placed first in my age division in a half-marathon.  The fact that I placed first is not the important part of this.  The fact that I was able to place first is.

In my last post, I talked about having a heart attack ten years ago.  The last couple of weeks have been such a poignant experience of gratitude for me.  We were in New York two weeks ago and I had some great runs through Central Park.  This is where I had my last run before the heart attack ten years earlier.  Then to win my age group last weekend made me so grateful that I have been able to come back from that experience.

One of the things we do in working with people in recovery from addiction is have them make a gratitude list.  Looking at the positives in your life can open a window and allow light to shine in on the dark places.  It gives us enough light to see a way out.

Running allows me the opportunity to be very grateful.

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