On this week of Thanksgiving, my thoughts turn to gratitude for the ability to continue to run.  Ten years ago, this coming month, Lori and I were in New York for a meeting and to do some Christmas shopping.  It was a wonderful trip.  New York at Christmas is a very special place.  It snowed and we road a carriage through Central Park.  I ran through the park in the snow.

Sitting in my office working with a patient the next week, my chest tightened and began to hurt.  I was having a heart attack.  How could that be?

The depression after a cardiac event is terrible.  I spent a lot of time wondering what it meant and how my life would be.  I went through the cardiac rehab program and then slowly started walking each morning.  Something inside me didn’t want to give up the running though.  My cardiologist at the time was not happy with me.

I found a cardiologist that was a runner and supported me exercising for rehabilitation.  In 2011 I was able to return to New York and complete the New York City Marathon.

I am thankful.

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