The Healing Force of Running with Friends

This past weekend, I participated in the Rock Creek Stump Jump Trail Race on Signal Mountain, TN.  I was reminded of just how healing it is to be with a group of really good friends doing what we all love to do. 

It has been my experience that one of the most important factors in my therapeutic relationship with a patient is making sure that they feel accepted and cared for.  I often feel that it is the most important aspect of therapy.  It is a basic need for all human beings, especially when we have been struggling emotionally with life.  We need to feel that someone genuinely cares about our life and that they enjoy spending time with us.

That’s what I felt this past weekend with my friends.  We discuss the physiological aspects of how running positively impacts our emotions, but maybe we don’t talk enough about the community of running and what a wonderfully healing group it is for us.  My friends care about me.  They are passionately involved in the same health promoting activity as me. 

How much better could it be?  Share your own stories with us of how your running friends are healing forces in your life.ImageImage

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